Real Madrid Club de Futbol

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Real Madrid Club de Futbol (in Spanish pronunciation: [real maðɾið kluβ de futβol]), or commonly known by the name of Real Madrid, is a professional football club based in the city of Madrid, Spain. Founded on March 6, 1902 under the name Real Madrid Club de Futbol, ​​the team is using the title of Real ("royal") after King Alfonso XIII of Spain gave official permission to the club in June 1920. Real Madrid has played in the Spanish League First Division (Primera División) is referred to as La Liga since the beginning of this competition began, in 1928, and is the most successful clubs in Spain based on the number of championship trophy they had won.  Together with FC Barcelona and AthleticBilbao, the club became one of the clubs that have not been relegated to lower divisions.This club is also one of the best clubs of the 20th century by FIFA. They have won 31 La Liga titles, 18 Copa del Rey titles, 8 Spanish Super Cup, Champions Cup title 9 / UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cups, 1 European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and 3.

Real Madrid's traditional costume is white, so nicknamed Los Merengues (white team).The stadium is the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium cage with a capacity of 80,354 spectators. Real Madrid itself has a pretty fierce rivalry, especially with Barcelona (known as El Clásico) and club Atletico Madrid derby (known as El Derbi madrileño).

Since the 2000s, known as the Real Madrid team that likes to buy expensive players world-class, so given a new nickname, the Los Galacticos (team galaxy). The club is also known as one of the richest club in the world, with revenues of 438.6 million euros in 2011.

Beginning of Real Madrid started when football was introduced to Madrid by academics and students from Institución libre de enseñanzayang in it, including several graduates of the University of Oxford and Cambridge University. They founded Football Club Sky in 1897 which then often played football regularly on Sunday mornings at Moncloa. The club was then split into two in 1900, namely: New Foot-Ball de Madrid and Club Español de Madrid.  The last club split again in 1902 which then generates the formation of Madrid Football Club on March 6, 1902. Three years after the founding, in 1905, Madrid FC won the first title after defeating Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final. The club became a founding member of the Royal Spanish Football Federation on January 4, 1909 when club president Adolfo Meléndez signed the foundation agreement establishing the Kingdom of the Spanish Football Association. With some reason, this club then moved to Campo de O'Donnell in 1912.  In 1920, the club's name was changed to Real Madrid after Alfonso XIII of Spain allowed the club to use real words-which means kingdom to this club. 

In 1929, the Spanish League was founded. Real Madrid's first season leading the league until the last game, but it was a surprise defeat by Athletic Bilbao which causes a degree that is almost certainly won, won by Barcelona.  Real Madrid finally won their first league title in season 1931 - 32. Real then successfully defended his title the following year and went on to become the first Spanish club to win La Liga twice in a row.

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